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March 10, 2008

*** (18:38):Welcome to Linkin Park Underground , mshinoda !

mshinoda says to (18:38): hey. can i go yellow?

mshinoda says to (18:40): ready to get started?

mshinoda says to (18:42): ok, i was just checking to make sure everything works. see you later.

mshinoda says to (18:43): i may be a little late since we have to go to the sacramento LPU meet and greet right now

mshinoda says to (19:19): ready

Hahninator says to (19:19): Mike, for the Japan 06 shows, the band created QWERTY (a success with fans) in a matter of days. Since you guys have a 3 month break, do you think you guys could make another NEW song to play in Europe and on P:R? Thanks! www.lplive.net (LP Live Guide). Mike, as an aspiring musician, I?ve come across a challenge that LP has so flawlessly triumphed over. How in the world do you and LP blend rock and metal with rap and techno? Does it come easilly to you?
mshinoda says to (19:21): we didn't write tQWERTY "for" japan...we wer ewriting it for the album. i don't know if we'll ever debut another song live...maybe!. as for blending musical styles...we just write and blend the types of music that we like, no matter the genre.

mshinoda says to (19:20): just finished the LPU meet and greet, and the MFR contest winner M&G...all good!

Havoc says to (19:20): other than linkin park, *you guys rocked so cal last summer*, who do you think puts on the best live show?

IlikeAppleJuice says to (19:22): First thing- your song Kenji was one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard...Where do you get all of your videos for your site from?(Tp)
mshinoda says to (19:23): videos for my site? you mean my blog? i just find stuff online to put on my blog...and put up funny stuff my friends send me. like what i put up today, about the plants.

IanVanCheese says to (19:22): i've heard that you are planning on a new album, possibly winter 09. will it be more like minutes to midnight or your older work, or possibly a blend of the two?
mshinoda says to (19:24): new album: don't know what it will sound like, but we hope to always push the envelope in the types of songs we make and the way we put them out. we'll see what happens.

infantry_boi_ic says to (19:23): Due to Chester struggling with Tracheobronchitis will this affect any plans stored for the future??
mshinoda says to (19:25): chester is still recovering from his bout with tracheobronchitis, but he'll hopefully be well in the next couple weeks.

ipek says to (19:23): mike will u cut your beard moustache ? lol

jajabinks92 says to (19:26): HEY MIKE, MY MAN! Hope everything is going well for you anyways,when writing your music, do you strive for a certain theme for a song, like "oh i wanna write about a broken family", or do you just write about anything that comes to mind? & why? thanx (})
mshinoda says to (19:27): i write about anything thatcomes to mind. usually the music comes first, or the music and vocals come at the same time...i've never really been inspired to do a song from lyrics first (like poetry or something). not up until now, at least.

Jay_Sensei says to (19:26): hey mike, i loved the Rising Tied record that you did for fort minor and the Fort Minor mixtape, so i was wondering if you are going to make another album for fort minor?
mshinoda says to (19:27): as for fort minor, i don't have any plans to do new FM music right now...but the styles of beyond album is FINALLY almost done, which i helped out on. it's being mastered right now, and we hope to have it out this year!!!! it's called RESEDA BEACH...which is kinda tongue-in-cheek title...or ironic...or something.

Joshua03 says to (19:27): mike just wanted to say you are the man....and i was wondering if the band has ever thought about a completely instrumental album only?
mshinoda says to (19:29): instrumental album: there may be instrumental tracks on the new record...don't know. we'll have to wait and see. i like doing those sometimes (cure for the itch, session...)

Kenny_viper2 says to (19:29): Mike, Detroit in Feb was intense! 6 hours in winter was worth the wait! Are there cities/venues that are special for you because of crowds/nostalgia for the band/or whatever reason?
mshinoda says to (19:30): we have a lot of favorite places to play; generally any place that has a lot of good energy.

Kruppa9 says to JonandBT (19:29): Each time I see LP perform, I imagine how amazing it must be to look out on thousands of fans screaming the words to the songs you wrote. Have you gotten used to that feeling, and if not, do you think you ever will?

Kevv says to (19:30): HEYY MIKE!!!!!! for the next album , how do u think u guys r gonna stop new songs from leaking on the internet like it did before on MTM? THANKS FOR COMING TO TALK TO US AND U GUYS BUILDING HOMES IN NEW ORLEANS IS SUPERFREAKIN KOOL!!!!!!
mshinoda says to (19:31): we try to keep the songs on lock down until we're ready for people to hear them. best thing to do is not give them out to anyone until they're done... but you can never tell, with the internet these days. we've been lucky up until now. and on the other hand, we've worked very hard to keep songs from leaking

Kato says to (19:30): First of all, thanks Mike for taking the time to chat with us and what not. Honestly, I really cannot think of any questions because I do not want to be redundant, but thanks (including the band and everyone that makes it happen) for making my first PR one

killercarrot says to (19:31): Hey Mike ! I'm a HUGE fan of your art, and I was just wondering, will have another art show anytime soon ? And if so, do you know when + where ?
mshinoda says to (19:32): ART SHOW: GOOD QUESTION!. i am putting together an art show in LA in july, i think it's not 100% confirmed, but i will be debuting a brand new series of work at that time. it's roughly based on the concept of "vanitas" (look it up on wikipedia)...and pop culture, japanese imagery, street culture...many things.

kidqwik says to (19:32): Mike, do u know if there will be any LP songs released for Rockabnd anytime soon?

LP_Fan101 says to (19:35): Heya Mike! My name is Jade. I was an MFR volunteer for your Lexington show. I?m very passionate about MFR. I do a lot of MFR stuff around my university. What?s your favorite thing about MFR and are there going to be volunteers at Projekt Rev this summer?
mshinoda says to (19:36): MFR has been and continues to be a focus of our attention...we hope to continue to build it and help many people! the homes we started in new orleans with habitat for humanity were incredible...check online for more info

lilIverson09 says to Hahninator (19:35): First of all Mike you are seriously my idol your work has inspired me a lot , if you could tour with any hip hop/rap artist for PR 08 (if there is gonna be one) who would you chose?

lp_fm_fan says (19:35): Hey Mike! My question:Years earlier one of the LP band members said that there was no need for the albums to have cuss words, why did this change for MTM? How did y'all think that it would affect your music, was it suppose to enhance the songs?TX loves LP!

Laurenzstar says to (19:35): I was wondering if you ever answer fan mail or letters you get at shows? I gave you the letters in Nashville when you passed in the aisle.
mshinoda says to (19:37): fan mail: unfortunately, it would be very hard to answer all the fan mail we get...but thank you very much for caring enough to write something, that goes out to everyone who writes to the band--we get a lot of letters at M&G's

LPFanAmandaM says to (19:35): Thanks for coming by Mike! I got the great privilege of working the Music for Relief booth at the Nashville concert and I want to know if you guys are planning to give more opportunities to work with MFR at shows and other events, perhaps not just concerts

Lilica says to (19:36): Hello Mike, my name's Dani and Im from Brazil. what do u think about play old songs like "Carousel" and "And One"? And what about "No Roads Left" live, we'll can see these songs live at the next shows? Love u!
mshinoda says to (19:38): songs in set: we'll continue to try and mix up the set as we go, i hope we can play some of your favorites

LPHybrid says to (19:36): MFR is so fun to help with! I did it twice last week! :D

LPsReanimation15 says to (19:37): hi mike! what do you think of people with lp tattoos? (thanks for being so sweet to me when I met you in August in Boston......i was the one in a really bad car accident, with the wrapped up arm and bruised spine) ~Jessey
mshinoda says to (19:38): LP tattoos: tattoos are special to the person. they should always be about you, not about what other people think. so who cares what i think! hahaha

Ms_Jessica says to mYdecembr (19:38): what do you think of the dedication of all the people who help, contribute and run the fansites? -jes from LPProjekt.com
mshinoda says to (19:39): we all love and respect the fan sites. it takes a lot of work to keep a fan site up and running. i've got to shout out the sites who wrote about "plaster" by the way. that was cool...

Matt1147 says to (19:38): Having the chance to see "Nu-Metal" change over the years, and having an ever changing style. Do you think Linkin Park has influenced people the same way from when you guys first started till now?

meteorarocker411 says to (19:38): With Music For Relief's partnership with American Forests and the band's attempts to minimize their carbon footprint during tours, what are some of the steps that you have personally taken to 'go green'?

masimoes says to (19:39): Hey Mike! How did you feel performing with Jay Z again? and why did you decide to team up with him for a special show at Projekt Revolution 08? love from Brazil. - olivia
mshinoda says to (19:40): we're doing the UK with jay, because it felt like a good fit for PR in the UK (the first time we're bringing it there). he won't be on the german shows

MajiksMonster says to (19:39): Honestly, I don't have a question. I just wanted to compliment all of LP in their brilliance and inginuity and also thank you for bringing us years of wonderful music that have helped or inspired all of us in one way or another.

meteorarocker411 says to (19:40): With Music For Relief's partnership with American Forests and the band's attempts to minimize their carbon footprint during tours, what are some of the steps that you have personally taken to 'go green'?
mshinoda says to (19:41): carbon footprint: we put as many busses as possible on biodiesel, we send leftover food to homeless shelters, try to get all venues to recycle and provide special parking for electric and hybrid vehicles, we plant a tree for every ticket sold, and try to donate money to offset out carbon emissions.

MajicPen says to Luxurious_Slave (19:40): hey mike, my name is mitch, i was wondering if you were going to make a an other reanimation cd for METEORA

Mikeswife15 says to (19:41): Hey Mike..so you are amazing !!! and I just saw the first show in vegas sick! I bought the concert poster is that your artwork?

Michy04 says to (19:41): Hey what's up Mike? I enjoyed your "Given Up" music vid but what was the motivation/reason that made you guys want to use live footage for it? Btw.. thx for comin' to MSG this past February.. it was an awesome show (as usual).. :D

Nite_Flite_Imagery says to (19:41): Sincere KUDOS to u the band as well as Coheed & Cambria all for the example set with the recent MFR house build! I'm another MFR promoter/volunteer , Since inception in 05 which of the Music For Relief initiatives, which was most important to you, and why?
mshinoda says to (19:43): MFR: the post-tsunami efforts in asia were special, because that was our first effort. i also really felt that the habitat for humanity and american forests ventures have been extraordinary

nighthauke says to (19:42): Your music energizes me!! When will you be touring in Mexico and will you have a another live DVD out soon?

nkramar says to (19:42): Mike - What are your thoughts on those fans who continue to tape & archive audience recordings even after the announcement of the sales of the official concert recordings? Thanks for the mention of the Plaster fansites - means a lot to all of us involved.
mshinoda says to (19:44): the recordings of the shows can't be stopped, we just want to provide the best quality show version to those who want something that actually sounds good in their car or on their iPod, which i feel we have succeeded at

nanda_lp says to (19:42): Hie Mike,you launch a new DVD like Frat Party? Thanks,Love LP.Brazil.
mshinoda says to (19:44): a live DVD...don't have plans at this point

LPHybrid says to (19:45): if you want a live dvd get Live in Texas :D

mshinoda says to (19:45): i need to leave to go play this show in a bit...if there are any more ?s, ask now

xBrazilianChickx says to (19:45): Mike,did u ever think of running for president? love from puerto rico! <3 woot
mshinoda says to (19:46): i would make an awesome president because i wouldn't always show up wearing the same thing...can't do a suit and tie every day, hahaha

MajiksMonster says to mshinoda (19:46): Honestly, I don't have a question. I just wanted to compliment all of LP in their brilliance and inginuity and also thank you for bringing us years of wonderful music that have helped or inspired all of us in one way or another.

Caffiend247 says to (19:46): I saw you guys at Staples Center in LA and at The Joint in Las Vegas. Both were awesome shows! But, the Vegas show seemed to have a lot more energy, like a party atomsphere. Do you guys have more fun playing at smaller venues?

mshinoda says to (19:46): thanks for all the comments that just say "thanks, by the way.

dereklp says to LPHybrid (19:47): Yo Mike, one of your dedicated Forum Mods here, just want to know if you guys plan to be a little more active on the forums as the kids really miss you guys?

LPHybrid says to (19:47): Noe_Kenji says to LPHybrid (private): a pleasure u 2 be here! If u only could listen 1 song in yr life till the end of yr life wht song it'd be? The day I met u & u smiled me rest th best day of my life,thnxx! Mch Love & Rsp ct, No?mi
mshinoda says to (19:47): i could never listen to one song every day. no way!

PsykedOut says to (19:48): Hey Mike! Who are your favorite MC's? Have you heard Immortal Teqniques songs what do u think about them?
mshinoda says to (19:50): favorite MCs: rakim, eminem, KRS, jay, (old) ice cube, weezy, lupe, black thought, ryu, tak, apathy, celph...many others...

Phoenix314 says to (19:48): Hi Mike! My question is: did you ever though about making your artworks about a critical theme? like global warming?

PunkInDisguise says to (19:48): mike i just want to say thanks for being here. i dont have a question but i bet you would make an awesome president (F)

ChazSpaz says to (19:49): mike do you like tacos?

LPHybrid says to (19:50): Ambria87 says to LPHybrid (private): Hey Mike! I hope you and the guys are doing well. I was wanting to know, if in the future, will you eventually offer video downloads of the concerts (like the live audio)? Btw, West V irginia loves you! *hint* =P

mshinoda says to (19:50): gotta go, guys

LPK_Fantom says to (19:50): Linkin Park's music helped me through A LOT. thx man

QContinuum says to (19:51): Are there any plans to alter any of your current songs, adding new verses or extending therit length by adding additional music between the chorus, similar to the extended version (drumming sequence) of Bleed it Out.
mshinoda says to (19:51): we hope to keep making the live show different all the time and hopefully keeping it as exciting as possible

mshinoda says to (19:51): thanks again for all the great questions...again, i'll give more info on that art show and any other art-related stuff that comes up for me on mikeshinoda.com

mshinoda says to (19:52): bye!

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