LP in Lithuania: Interview with Chester and Phoenix

LP - Интервью и статьи - LP in Lithuania: Interview with Chester and Phoenix

June 12

Translated by e-X-treme

Q: Your fans waited for your performance next to the stage for half a day. What do you think about that?
Chester: It seems normal to me, when teens are acting like that. When I was their age I did the same. But it's a little bit worrying when grown men acts the same.
Phoenix: For me - its nothing. I'm just a bassist, no one knows me. They're waiting six hours to get to the arena, and I waited all day, untill I'll have opportunity to give interview with Chester - he's our star! (laughs)

Q: You came to Lithuania for a very short time. What do you know about our country?
Phoenix: Not much. On the way to arena we saw that Vilnius - beautiful, green city. I guess that's all.
Chester: I know more. Lithuania - basketball's gold mine. No one knows why, but you have very good players. Don't tell anyone, but I think your country will win the olympics!
Phoenix: Really? They're gonna beat us?
Chester: That's how it's gonna be! Lithuanians will take our best players, like Ilgauskas, and they will kick our ass! I say "our" cause we really love them.

Q: For your fans you all are like half-gods. On the internet they say that they would give anything away, for five minutes with you. Aren't you amused by this kind of talks?
Phoenix: No. I feel the same. Every day I ask Chester to sign my ass!
Chester: Seriously, sometimes it scares me. I don't like it when fans imagine us completely different from the reallity. Then we meet them, we try to show how simple we are, I think it helps, their hands stop shaking.

Q: You came to eastern Europe six years ago, then most of the best groups tried to avoid coming here. Why?
Phoenix: I'm afraid it's not our desert. Just like the fact that we are in Lithuania today. If someone invites us, and pays our fee - we come. It's simple.
Chester: But we never grimace, we never think that one country is better then other. For example we're one of a few best known groups who played in Malaysia. In the very beginning of our career one well-known musician told me - if they invite you to play, you have to play, cause next time maybe they won't invite you anymore.

Q: Do you check your bank accounts after tours? Do money matters to you?
Chester: We make enough, so we don't have to worry about anything. It's good to know that your family won't have any financial problems. But we came to the music world not because of money. People who do it for money is doomed for failure.

Q: You sold over 50 million albums, what more can you dream about?
Phoenix: After our first album Hybrid Theory, which was incredibly popular, we were afraid, that that's may be the end. How could we make something successful like that again?
Chester: But our second album "Meteora" was very popular too. Third one, "Minutes To Midnight" is a completely different story - we changed our style. Now it doesn't matter how many albums we will sell - the most important thing is that Linkin Park would create something new, improve all the time. Our purpose is that our group would exist many many years. I feel that's just how it's gonna be!

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Мне понравилось , как Честер сказал про наших баскетболистов ))