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LPU chat with BBB (05.22.09)
bigbadbrad (10:57): TEST

bigbadbrad (11:00): Greetings to the LPU!
bigbadbrad (11:00): Welcome to my chat, BBB

bigbadbrad (11:00): Im ready
juliomc_02 (11:01): What kind of gear did you used for the new record, New divide and if is it the kind of tone you are looking for on the new record?
huma (11:01): Hi Brad! Its very nice to see you here. Its a wonderful feeling to talk to you.Mike had told you wouldnt go with Nu-Metal and we can see this in New Divide. So, are the new songs gonna be more like New Divide or not?
JennyVengeance (11:01): hey brad i wanted to know how did u guys decided to do the soundtrack for the new transformers movie?
bigbadbrad (11:02): Julio- We experimented with a lot of new gear, particularly in the keyboard department. There are a lot of layers of sound that ultimately make up what you hear in the finished song.
bigbadbrad (11:04): Huma - It is probably not a safe assumption to extrapolate from NEW DIVIDE, to the album that we are in the process of creating. New Divide really fits as a stand-alone piece that was created specifically to match the energy and mood of the movie.
LinkinGunter to bigbadbrad (11:08): Hi Brad I want to Know if you will do a documental or maybe an LpTV about the process of creation of New Divide (song and video) or maybe it will be include on the CD of Transformers 2. Thank you so much - from Peru
LmariaP EvoOba (11:08): Hello Brad!!!!!:DI would like to ask you if you personally felt any anxious when it came to present your song to Hans Zimmer and Steve Jabor or even Michael Bay .I mean were you concerned on whhether the song would live up to their expectations or not?
Karatebabe (11:08): hey brad i was wondering if new divide had any personal meaning for you.
bigbadbrad (11:09): Gunter - youre either a mind reader or you have incredible access to information. Yes, hopefully, to all of the above.
Kishan to bigbadbrad (11:10): hey brad, what did you guys want to focus on while recording new divide
ipek DarthYak (11:12): Are you gonna have more solos on the oncoming record or are you gonna stay with powerchords?
bigbadbrad (11:12): Lmaria = we definitely felt pressure, in the sense that this was a great creative challenge. Fortunately, we were able to come up with something that we are really proud of. And, in addition Michael, Hans, and Steve were really stoked, too.
bigbadbrad (11:14): And thats what actually led to the melodic themes of the song being incorporated into the score of the film. bigbadbrad disse para (11:15): Ipek - our next record will likely consist of 44 minutes of guitar soloingor maybe not.
muri gallego (11:17): Have you experimented new things for the next record while creating New Divide?
mike_1989 (11:17): Hey brad any chance you guys will have moe than 12 songs on the next album?

bigbadbrad (11:21): Kishan - making the best song possible that would fit with the spirit and energy of the movie.
Nemi (11:23): Hey Brad! So, will the new album sound a bit like Minutes to Midnight, or will you guys go in a different direction this time? Your music means much, greetings from Norway!
NoFace (11:23): Hey Brad, I remember Rick Rubin commented on how LP used to work together more like a rap group than a rock band, and after that you guys changed your way approaching music. With New Divide/your new album, which working style would it be?
nillp bigbadbrad (11:24): welcome Brad! it was very difficult to make a music that combines w/ the movie & at the same time pleasing LP & Tranformers fans? wich facts did u guys prioritized? would u like to write music for other films? what can we expect from the video?-from Brazil
bigbadbrad (11:25): Muri - We have been in the process of writing a lot of music for another record. And that work has been experiemental by nature. We took a focused detour away from that material, during the process of writing and recording New Divide.

bigbadbrad (11:27): NoFace - You are right, we tend not to work when writing and recording, as a traditional rock band. So I guess that influences everything we do.
Redheaddude (11:29): So Brad, will any of the band members be making a cameo in the new Transformers movie?
panta_rhei (11:30): Hey Brad, what are your personal goals for the new album? For Minutes to Midnight you played soli and I think very very fast and great guitar lines (like in No Roads Left). So is it still possible to become even better? Greetings from Austria and thank you
bigbadbrad (11:30): Nilip - First and foremost, were our toughest critics. We always push each other to make music that we love. Once we have accomplished that, were always excited to share the music with our fans. As far as the videostay tuned.
Ryuichi88 (11:30): Good Afternoon Brad. Wonderful day here in Los Angeles :) My question in brief is, What was your recording method used for the guitars? I know your running mesa equ through a neve 8078 which uses 1073 pre-amps. What is your miking method from your cab?
bigbadbrad (11:31): Readhead - Im actually playing the role of Optimus Prime. So that has taken up a lot of my time.
rhythm_of_music (11:31): Brad, your known to wear headphones on stage, have you ever thought about designing your own brand of headphones?
bigbadbrad (11:33): Ryu - In the studio we like to experiment with a lot of different types of amps and instruments, particularly modified and vintage gear.

bigbadbrad (11:34): My personal goal for the new album is to be awesome.
scottdaniels (11:35): Brad My Question to you is Who Came up with the Idea for Linkin Park to do the Music Score and the Music Video for the New Divide song for the New Transformers Movie Revenged of the Fallen Greetings From Alexandria Kentucky
bigbadbrad (11:36): R_O_M - I have. Im considering marketing them to the public for an introductory price of one hundred million lira.
Suzan bigbadbrad (11:36): Hey Brad! Did you use any guitar brands that you never used before on the new record? Is your guitar style any different than on the other records? Dont get me wrong, I love your style :)
SpikeShinnizle_93 (11:37): Hi BBB, Really good to see u here.I wonder what do u think about some people are saying that New Divide and What Ive Done are similar? By the way, New Divide is amazing song. Greetings from Turkey.
spraypaintninkpens (11:37): How realistic is it to say the new album will be out by this time next year?
bigbadbrad (11:38): Scott - I think it was an organic coming together of sorts. We were really happy with how What Ive Done worked in the first film, and we were eager to come up with something special, this time around.

bigbadbrad (11:40): Suzan - I am always interested in trying new things in the studio, and challenging expectations.
Thibaut darknessovrme (11:40): Hi Brad! I wanted to know, what type of effect is used in the New Divide solo?
Tsutoka (11:40): Hello, Brad. My question for you is Are you satisfied with how the new album it coming together so far? Do you think it will be as amazing as/better than your previous records? Thank you so much for being here
ThunderStrike (11:40): Good afternoon, Brad! Is the new album likely to have a full instrumental track? And do you have any plans of including a hidden track as well? Thanks for the music you guys make, greetings from India :)
bigbadbrad (11:41): Thibaut - Subjugating the time space continuum.
VampirePrincess (11:42): hey brad! How was it like to work with Hans on the soundtrack to Transformers 2? Was he amazingly mindblowing?
bigbadbrad (11:44): Vampire - Hans is a super-talented, witty guy. It was an honor to collaborate with him and Steve on the score.

bigbadbrad (11:44): Three more questions
xTHEAx (11:46): Hi Brad! :) 2day is my birthday and i think this is the best birthdaygift 2 get a chance 2 chat with you. How many hours a week do you spend in the studio? Love Thea & Vera from Sweden
Your_Conscience (11:46): Ive been fortunate enough to have worked with MFR in the past, but am now expecting my first baby. So, I was wondering if MFR plans to have more opportunities available, besides volunteering at concert booths, for people who want to help in other ways.
Yukiru disse para bigbadbrad (11:46): hey brad cool to finally see you in here again. my question: were you really excited about making a new video? i saw some pix and it looks really cool. what can we expect? sth more like leave out all the rest or more like shadow of the day or,.? sophie
bigbadbrad (11:49): X - It varies. Most of us have studios at home. So in a sense we are always working. On certain days we get together to share whatever it is weve been working on. When trying to finish a song like New Divide, we could be workign together in some capacity
bigbadbrad (11:49): almsot every day.

bigbadbrad (11:49): Happy Birthday!

bigbadbrad (11:51): Your - Congratulations. Thank you for all that you have done on behalf of Music For Relief. Were always looking for people to help. Please go to musicforrelief.org for the most up to date information on how to stay involved.

bigbadbrad (11:51): Last question!

bigbadbrad (11:53): Yuk - From what Ive already seen, the video looks amazing. I trust that Mr. Hahn will deliver another spectacular clip.

bigbadbrad (11:55): Thank you to everyone who partcipated in this LPU chat. Your dedication and support is much appreciated. I hope you all are as excited about New Divide as we are. Maybe some of you will even get to see it live this summer
bigbadbrad disse para (11:55): Peace, BBB