Projekt Revolution Review: Charlotte, NC.

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August 15, 2007
Creative Loafing

The Deal: Linkin Park brings a bunch of friends to rock out in the 100-degree weather.

The Good: Thanks to the heat, most people (including myself) didn't get there until later in the day for the mainstage acts. Placebo offered a toned-down set, while HIM singer Ville Valo appeared to be higher than the temperature. Taking Back Sunday really got things moving, though I have no idea how singer (and High Point native) Adam Lazarra wore a flannel throughout the set. The Morrison-esque frontman was all over the stage, swinging the microphone and sweating up a storm. My Chemical Romance was a lot more "rocking" than I expected. Instead of brooding emos dressed in black, the band emitted high energy and put on a helluva show. Frontman Gerard Way constantly dumped water on his head, though he would have been better off taking his jacket off. Linkin Park played a set that lasted just under two hours but featured emotional high points in songs about the war and Hurricane Katrina. They were in fine form, and fans were even lucky enough to hear "Qwerty," an unreleased track that's only been performed for about a year. Though the crowd was generally motionless for most of the night, thanks to the heat, "One Step Closer" got the crowd up and jumping. (You can find a setlist for Linkin Park, as well as additional photos, at

The Bad: It was already over 100 degrees outside, yet My Chemical Romance still felt the necessity to shoot off fireworks and shoot up flames from time to time.

The Verdict: The heat kept most fans motionless, but it was still a high-energy, enjoyable show.

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