Честер Беннингтон и Camp Freddy - “I’m Eighteen”.

Тексты песен - Честер Беннингтон и Camp Freddy - “I’m Eighteen”.

He forever haunts me;
I can never be free.
He possesses my heart
And mesmerizes me.

He forged a life of mystery
As the demi-gods rolled their dice.
This eternal apparition
Paved the way to paradise.

He erased those from the past
Who had no charm nor eloquence.
Underneath their flaxen manes,
They lacked depth and intelligence.

He brought a whole new meaning
To the phrase tall, dark and handsome.
Victim of his entrapment,
I patiently sought his ransom.

He was everything all at once;
Intense, enigmatic and dramatic.
Words that emanated from his soul
Wove an intricate web of magic.

I ran from the malign darkness
As black clouds obscured the moonlight.
Hopefully he materialized,
Nevermore to vanish from sight.

Through ornate rows of headstones
Beside the noble mausoleums,
His chains around me tightened;
He appeared constantly in dreams.

I cursed him yet adored him;
Indecision plagued my mind.
He thrilled me and then scorned me,
Leaving utter chaos behind.

I felt bereft the day he left
And would never be the same.
Then I wrote a short epistle
Closure for this wicked game.

Resigned to a futile existence
Like some malicious disease,
I wrapped the forlorn letter and
Buried it beneath the trees.

I endlessly ponder:
Was he sent by destiny?
He forever haunts me,
And I will never be free.

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