For those who travel (Mike Shinoda)

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i've decided to start adding a few new things to my blog: recommendations of places i've been or things i've seen that i think some of you guys might like. today, it's all about about travel.

if you've ever been on a vacation (or "holiday" as some of my friends say) for an extended period of time, you know the value of a good sightseeing guide. if you've stayed at enough hotels, you also know how unreliable the concierge can be, even at the nicest hotels, if you're looking for something specific.

"vintage guitars? let me look it up online for you..." (i could have done that myself)

"vinyl toys? yeah, there's a toys R us around the corner..." (, you don't understand)

"sneakers and streetwear? i think there's an H&M..." (...yeah, can you lean over the counter? you're too far away to punch from there)

forget it. on our last tour in australia, phoenix and i went down to the concierge to ask about lunch. it was 3pm. we asked for a recommendation, and the concierge said there was an italian place about 3 minutes away, walking distance. he said he always goes there, and recommends it to everyone. we turned around to leave; then phoenix caught himself and asked the concierge to call the restaurant to see if they were open. the concierge assured us they would be...but phoenix pressed the issue. the guy behind the counter gave in and called, and of course the resturant was closed. as we walked over to Subway, we patted ourselves on the backs for being such experienced travellers.

if you're out in the world away from home, and looking for good shopping, food, or even a haircut, i would suggest checking before you go. it's one of my favorite sites to find cool things to do in most major cities.

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