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i walked around hong kong today and did a little shopping. checked out Juice, D-Mop, I.T. and a few other places that were really dope. if you're american and you like lacoste or adidas, you HAVE to get stuff from overseas. they carry way better stuff than in the states. i also ate sushi at one of those places with the little conveyor belt thingys.
the "worst find of the day" was a g-star tee that had (check this out) a white background with black standing silhouettes on a horizon. sounds like a familiar image...don't know where i've seen it...hmm

seriously, i looked on the internet for a pic of it just so i could make fun of how bad they were biting our album artwork, but i couldn't find one. if anyone gets a pic up online, post it here so we can all make fun.

the "best find of the day" was an in4mation/8five2 tee that i saw that said "hong mutha fuck'n kong" on the front in flower print. i found out i'm a little late on this one (it's been out for a while) but i hadn't seen it. although i couldn't rock it, i wanted to shout them out because it made me laugh.

we also got platinum plaques for MTM in HK...this is a pic of the presentation, not the plaques...but check out delson being a cornball. love that guy.

by the way, we won an american music award for best alternative band. thanks for the support!

next stop, TOKYO!

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