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April 7, 2008
Linkin Park Network

Q: What's your favorite TV show? - Chesters_Girl
A: The Shield, Project Runway, Damages

Q: What happened to the graffiti walls shown in the Meteora booklet? Are they kept in a special place? - comfortzone
A: They’re being preserved in a cryogenic chamber.

Q: What music are you listening to currently?
A: Sam Cooke, Editors, Yo-Yo Ma, Tokyo Police Club

Q: What are your favorite movies this year?
A: Once, Ratatouille, Eastern Promises, Stardust, 3:10 to Yuma

Q: How many guitars have you smashed? (If none, you should smash one now)
A: Fortunately, not too many. The guitars I play on stage are pretty special (and pretty expensive), so I try to treat them kindly! I have, however, destroyed a few in my time, some of which have been retired to various Hard Rock cafes.

Q: What type of guitar do have near your computer? (or near your tv/couch etc for sudden strokes of genius)
A: I keep an old-school hand-held recorder close for sudden bursts of inspiration. If I’m away from home, I’ll call myself and leave ideas on my voicemail.

Q: What is your favorite guitar?
A: My red PRS, custom 24, soldier with wings

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